Oral Surgery

Remove Damaged Teeth & Enjoy Eating Again

We will see you as soon as possible!

Oral Surgery

Remove Damaged Teeth & Enjoy Eating Again

We will see you as soon as possible!

Preserve Dental Health With Oral Surgery in Colorado Springs

At Springs Dental Care, we understand that oral surgery in Colorado Springs can seem scary. Yet it doesn’t need to be when your procedure is performed by an experienced dentist and a team you trust. In addition to our compassionate team, you will appreciate:

If you need wisdom teeth removal, he will refer you to a specialist. To see if you need to have a tooth removed, call us today at 719-637-1772 for a free consultation or second opinion. If you’re in pain, we’ll do our best to provide same-day emergency care.

We’ll Ensure Your Tooth Extraction Goes Smoothly

You’ll save time, hassle, and expense by having your tooth removal performed by our Doctors. Here is how we’ll handle your extraction:

We Can Replace Your Missing Tooth When You’re Ready

When you lose a tooth, it causes dental problems such as nearby teeth that move out of place and the loss of bone density in your jaw. To avoid such issues, we recommend replacing teeth as soon as possible. At our office, your options are:

For oral surgery in Colorado Springs, call Springs Dental Care at 719-637-1772.

Common Questions About Oral Surgery

One of the most common reasons for oral surgery is removing a tooth that is too diseased or otherwise damaged to save. If it isn’t removed, a problematic tooth can threaten nearby teeth – or even your overall oral health. 

Insurance will typically cover an oral surgery procedure if it is medically necessary. In the case of removing a diseased tooth, it would be. Insurance may even cover diagnostic services such as an X-ray. We can help you determine which services, if any, are covered under your policy. Members of our Affordable Dental Plan receive a discount on oral surgery.

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